Energon – useful products for active people

Energon promotes functional products in the Russian, European and the US markets under its own brand names. The main product categories are chewing gum, candies, candy bars and beverages for a healthy lifestyle.

Our mission is to make the world safer!
We develop products with the most effective composition which help people to keep themselves in better shape in any situation. By eliminating all unnecessary components from the composition of the products, we make the diet more efficient.
Formation of optimal
product order
Convenient delivery and
ordering service
Recommendations on the
organization of the trade
trading equipment

Exclusive product range

The first brand in Russia representing energy products different from beverages
Original formats of energy products – chewing gum and candies
Products are presented in different packages adapted for all types of retail outlets
A wide range of products for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

High quality products that meet international standards.

Certificates of Compliance
for all products
High-tech manufacturing
eliminates all types of defects
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"TD Energon Rus" LLC. Add: 24-40 7th Army str., Gatchina, 188300. Russia.